Thread protectors Types

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Update time : 2019-12-26 21:17:00
Thread protectors can be classified into tubing thread protector,casing thread protector,drill pipe thread protectors,drill collar thread protectors,tool joints thread protectors union thread protectors, tubing thread protectors, and sucker rod thread protectors according to product types.
According to product structure, it can be divided into
1. Fully plastic wire protection cap. This type of product is made of high-strength plastic. This structural product is characterized by light weight, good elasticity, low cost, and easy processing.
2. All-steel wire protection cap. This product is made of cold stamping steel, which is difficult to process and costly. However, this product has high impact resistance.
3. Steel plastic type wire protection cap is also known as plastic steel type wire protection cap. This product is made of outer steel and inner plastic, with a reasonable structure and strong practicality. The outer steel sleeve part of the product is designed with a 360 degree annular eaves, which has the advantages of high impact resistance of the full steel type wire protection cap. The threaded part is made of high-strength high-quality conforming plastic and is processed by a CNC machine tool, ensuring the accuracy and good elasticity of the thread.
This product can be divided into NU and full buckle types, and EU half buckle types,STC thread protector,LTC thread protector,Hydril CS thread protector,Hydril PH-6 thread protector. Forwell Energy Company is dedicated to developing and producing rubber and plastic products for use in various complex conditions. Our thread protectors have high toughness and good elasticity, which can more effectively protect threads from injury. The product is resistant to aging, and can be used in outdoor environments for a long time. Our thread protectors have a complete range of specifications and varieties, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.
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Thread protectors are caps and bushes that can be used to protect and seal threads during handling, transportation, and storage. In addition to being used as a professional sheath device, thread protectors can also be used as repair components.