Uaeage of the thread protector

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Update time : 2020-01-08 15:12:00
Thread protectors are caps and bushes that can be used to protect and seal threads during handling, transportation, and storage. In addition to being used as a professional sheath device, thread protectors can also be used as repair components.
During the trial period of the thread protector, you can experience the superior stability and repair ability of the thread protector. Therefore, the use of thread protectors plays an important role in the entire mechanical component.
Thread protector components are made of high-quality materials and can have a large contact surface with threads. Moreover, thread protectors are widely used in many industries, such as automotive maintenance, machinery, furniture, and aerospace, and play an indispensable role.
General thread protector assembly tools include tap, tap, sleeve remover, and other products. During installation, a series of processing measures must be taken. Only a detailed understanding of the functional principles of the thread protector can better play its due role.
The form of thread protector is a composite steel plastic structure, a composite plastic structure, or a full plastic structure. High quality thread protectors up to 20 inches in size. The shape of the threaded joint of the same outer diameter circular thread casing can be divided into long and short durable thread protectors. The wall thickness of the pipe can be divided into thick and thin ones, the material steel grade can be divided into high and low ones, and the tightening torque can be divided into large and small ones.
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